How to remove Spyware and Malware with Process Explorer

Step by Step spyware removal with Process Explorer

To get rid of spyware you have to stop its process, find and delete all its files then delete its registry keys. But this manual removal might be difficult to do as most malware now use random names for their process and files.

But thank Microsoft for Process Explorer !

Process Explorer is an advanced process management utility that comes to the rescue when malware disable the Task manager. It allows you to view / manage processes (terminate, suspend, etc. ..). Also, it allows you to view handles, DLLs loaded or opened by each process. But here we will use to find and delete the rogue antispyware or malware processes, files and directories.

Process Explorer: the best tool to find and delete spyware processes and files

How to use Process Explorer for rogues/malware removal.

  1. Download Process Explorer from Windows Sysinternals :

    ==>Download link:

  2. if the malware disables Process Explorer, then rename it to winlogon.
    Rename Process Explorer

  3. After you run procexp.exe (or the renamed version), look at the bottom of the list for a process with random numbers and/or with the icon of the fake application.
    Process Explorer

  4. Before we kill this malicious process we are going to need to copy its location in order to remove all its files and folders later.For that right click on the process and select “Properties”:Process Explorer 02

  5. Go to its path and Copy the malware location.process-explorer-03

  6. Click Cancel, and go back to the listed process. Right click on it and select “Kill Process Tree”. Close Process Exlorer.kill process

  7. Go to Start -> Run and paste in the location of the rogue/malware you saved earlier. Click “OK”
    find malicious files Process Explorer

  8. Now remove all these malicious files. Also remove the parent directory from your computer.Delete malicious Files Process Explorer

  9. Restart your computer. The rogue or malware is no more active.

  10. To complete the malware removal you need to delete its registry entries. For that use a Registry Cleaner.Remove Registry Entries


That’s it…This is how Process Explorer can be a very powerful tool for spyware removal.


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